The Owners and Employees of Absolute Communication Group, Inc. would like to welcome you to our web site. We hope that you will find the information contained here of benefit to you as we work together to assure that your business needs are met. The goal of Absolute Communication Group, Inc. from its inception has been to meet the needs of our customer and make certain that their satisfaction is absolute.

    As owners of Absolute Communication Group, Inc. we have accepted the communications business with enthusiasm and have made efforts to remain conscience of the needs of our customers in this fast growing, cutting edge business.

    Beginning in the early 1990ís we as owners of Absolute Communication accepted our first challenge by purchasing a small failing communications business and creating our own mom and pop retail communications business. As owners we knew little of the communications business, but the vision for growth and the challenge for gaining knowledge in order to provide a superior product and create a business providing exceptional service was enough to propel us forward and forward we went! Starting with a single retail customer, our customer base grew to thousands. From a single failing communications business, grew an organization which supported retail stores spanning five counties in Florida. The counties included Alachua, Citrus, Marion, Lake and Orange.

    While the retail communications business created more than a formidable challenge for both owners and employees, the desire to learn more about the communications business and to continue to supply great customer service and product in other areas of the business was at the forefront. While still operating retail stores in five Florida counties, another opportunity to expand into the wholesale aspect of the business was pursued. Again, using a formula which had worked in the past, the owners started small. First acquiring one employee than two. Absolute Communication Group, Inc. quickly expanded. In order to support and supply for the ever-increasing needs of our wholesale customers, the decision was made to sell the retail stores and concentrate our sole efforts in the wholesale market.

    The retail stores were sold and we said goodbye to that first retail customer, established so many years before. This was a loyal customer who never strayed despite the rapidly expanding and competitive nature of the retail communications business. He said he stayed because he appreciated our honesty, integrity, and attention to providing quality service along with our hands on approach as owners. After saying goodbye to our retail stores, we embarked upon this new challenge. We approached the wholesale communications business with the same enthusiasm and the same desire to provide our customers with superior service and product along with the same honesty and integrity that we shared with our retail customers. It is to this end, that we the owners and our employees pledge to you, our customers, our promise to remain loyal to you. We will provide to you the best service and product possible while demonstrating the same honesty and integrity so appreciated by our very first customer. We continue as business owners to share a very hands on approach and avail ourselves for the needs of our customers. Additionally, Absolute Communication Group, Inc. is determined to focus attention on the environmental needs of our planet. As technology changes so does the need to provide for and protect the very environment upon which we all depend. Therefore, Absolute Communication Group, Inc. has determined to do our share by instituting a re-cycling program in an effort to preserve our planet. We invite you to join us in our endeavors to maintain our precious resources. Please ask one of our staff how you might actively participate in this program. We have a highly trained and qualified sales staff who can answer any question and will work tirelessly in order to promote the success of your company. Our trained technicians lend assurance that your product is the very best. Our staff has a combined knowledge and experience in both wholesale and retail totaling more than 110 years! We understand this business from the inside, out.

    Remember, we started our communications career in retail as did many of our employees. Our knowledge of the wholesale communications business is extensive. We know how to help you to succeed!
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